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     1= Trac Navigation =
     3Starting with Trac 0.11, it is now possible to customize the main and meta navigation entries in some basic ways.
     5The new `[mainnav]` and `[metanav]` configuration sections can now be used to customize the text and link used for the navigation items, or even to disable them.  The `mainnav` and `metanav` options in the `[trac]` configuration section can also be used to change the order.
     7=== `[mainnav]` #mainnav-bar
     8`[mainnav]` corresponds to the '''main navigation bar''', the one containing entries such as ''Wiki'', ''Timeline'', ''Roadmap'', ''Browse Source'' and so on. This navigation bar is meant to access the default page of the main modules enabled in Trac that are accessible for the current user.
     11** [=#Example Example] **
     13In the following example, we rename the link to the Wiki start "Home", and make the "View Tickets" entry link to a specific report.  The second example (below) also hides the "!Help/Guide" link.
     15Relevant excerpt from the TracIni:
     18wiki.label = Home
     19tickets.href = /report/24
     22=== `[metanav]` #metanav-bar
     23`[metanav]` corresponds to the '''meta navigation bar''', by default positioned above the main navigation bar and below the ''Search'' box. It contains the ''Log in'', ''Logout'', ''!Help/Guide'' etc. entries. This navigation bar is meant to access some global information about the Trac project and the current user.
     25There is one special entry in the  `[metanav]` section: `logout.redirect` is the page the user sees after hitting the logout button.
     26[[comment(see also #Trac3808)]]
     28** Example **
     32help = disabled
     33logout.redirect = wiki/Logout
     37=== Notes
     38Possible URL formats (for `.href` or `.redirect`):
     39|| '''config''' || '''redirect to''' ||
     40|| `wiki/Logout` || `/projects/env/wiki/Logout` ||
     41|| `http://hostname/` || `http://hostname/` ||
     42|| `/projects` || `/projects` ||
     45=== `[trac]` #nav-order
     46The `mainnav` and `metanav` options in the `[trac]` configuration section control the order in which the navigation items are displayed (left to right).  This can be useful with plugins that add navigation items.
     48** Example **
     50In the following example, we change the order to prioritise the ticket related items further left.
     52Relevant excerpt from the TracIni:
     55mainnav = wiki,tickets,newticket,timeline,roadmap,browser,search,admin
     58The default order and item names can be found in the source, which at the time of writing [source:trunk/trac/web/,402-403#L396 is here]
     60=== Context Navigation #ctxtnav-bar
     62Note that it is still not possible to customize the '''contextual navigation bar''', i.e. the one usually placed below the main navigation bar.
     66See also: TracInterfaceCustomization, and the [ TracHacks:NavAddPlugin] or [ TracHacks:MenusPlugin] (still needed for adding entries)